Wednesday, August 26, 2009

From my Library application / On Reading

I want to work at the library because I love to read. A lot of people love to read, so this statement isn’t necessarily a distinguishing factor. But when I say, “I love to read,” I mean: I would submit a photo of my personal library if it were here with me in Telluride, as it brings me incredible joy; I mean the first thing I do after entering someone’s home (after taking off my shoes and exchanging pleasantries, of course) is beeline for their bookshelves to celebrate that which we have in common, and to discover that which we do not; I mean I attended the centennial celebration of Bloomsday in Dublin to experience Ulysses come alive in its proper context; I mean one of the more beautiful things I’ve seen are Candida Höfer’s large format photographs collected in Libraries; I mean I actually considered buying an old-bookstore-scented perfume (yes, this exists), just on principle.

I credit almost all success in my life – the adventures I’ve had, the knowledge I’ve gained and applied – to my love of reading. As a result, I believe reading is one of the most important things in which a person should regularly engage; this is especially true in regard to children and young adults, who are in such a formational period of their social, intellectual, and emotional development. Thus, it is also for the chance to help foster a love of reading in others, and to help them attain the desire and skills to read well, that I wish to work at the library.